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Hi, I'm Lianne

Maeve’s room refresh has been underway for a couple of weeks and I’m in the final phase of getting it all together. Over the weekend I moved her crib in and every time I go to put her down for a nap she says “I sleep in Kellan’s room!” Little lady is confused but it’s all working out.

The updates I made to this room were not anything major but they all made such a big difference. As our smallest of the four bedrooms we have, this room is just best suited for a nursery / toddler room. The crib fits in there nicely and I’m so happy I made the swap.

I still have a few things to finish including a small gallery wall and refinishing her dresser that is currently in storage. I’ll have to wait for some warmer weather to strip the dresser, so I brought in Charlotte’s old dollhouse for now and it’s been the perfect placeholder.

I’m sharing some of my favorite details that make this room really special. Since it is a small space that is mostly white, it was important to pay attention to the details to make it nice and cozy. All sources will be linked at the end!

Accent Wall

I have been dreaming about doing a full wall of picture frame molding in this room for years, but the only saw I currently own is a hack saw. I stumbled across a way to create it without power tools and it was SO simple. I used PVC screen trim from Home Depot and these miter shears and the whole wall took me just a few hours to complete. I’ll share more details on that process in another post. However simple it is, I think it makes a huge statement!

Vintage Inspired Closet Knobs

I was looking at the space and the standard knobs on her closet doors stood out like a sore thumb. I found these knobs on Amazon and just knew the tiny detail would make such a big difference. I am in love! This may be a domino effect and cause me to be swapping knobs everywhere I can. To be determined… I’ll link below a few of my favorite dummy knobs that are perfect for closet doors that only have a magnetic latch. There’s so many available in varying price ranges.

Window Treatments

Previously I had some homemade curtains I made out of some leftover muslin fabric. They served their purpose but being there is only one window in this space, I was willing to splurge a bit on the window treatment. These linen curtains are a dream. The price tag is a bit steep if you have more than one window to do but I cannot say enough about them. I shared an easy curtain hack on Instagram to get your rod hung perfectly every time. Also put together a post of some of my favorite curtains here.

Accent Chair

I stumbled into our local West Elm outlet the other day and fell in love with a few accent chairs they had available. While tempted to buy something new, I knew the chair we have is just fine but could use a little facelift. I’ve reupholstered my fair share of chairs in the past so I felt pretty confident I could make it work. I ordered this boucle fabric from Etsy and I’m so happy with the result.

Room Sources:

Click the image for link sources.

These are the knobs that I ended up with but I rounded up some contenders in multiple price ranges. Love how much a simple knob swap can add to a space!
Since I only had one window to fit, I decided to splurge a little bit on these curtains, but here are some options I also considered.

Antique Brass Dummy Knob

Linen Curtain Panels

Brass Curtain Rod

Pleated Shade Floor Lamp

Boucle Reupholstery Fabric

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