Is laundry the worst chore?

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Hi, I'm Lianne

I have never met anyone who enjoys doing laundry, but it is one of those necessary evils. I have tried the one-load-a-day thing, and that’s just not the type of person I am. I need the added pressure of no one having any underwear clean to really amp up my motivation to get it done. I asked you on Instagram to give some of your best tips and here’s what you had to say:

  1. One load a day – wash, dry, fold and put away. Is this you? Thats just too big a commitment for me.
  2. Don’t transfer to a laundry basket – fold clothes right out of the dryer that way there isn’t a time for it to sit stagnant
  3. Everyone responsible for their own laundry – me counting down the days until my kids can reach the buttons on the machines…. 😂
  4. Minimize your stuff – keeping your wardrobe to the basics and cutting out excess will make the chore less daunting. I can get down with this one – definitely time to do some closet purging throughout the house!
  5. Designate a day – this is what I’ve done and it works. Even though I have more to do at once, having one day a week dedicated to laundry really helps. I wash and dry all the dirty laundry on Fridays and will typically fold it Friday nights after the kids are in bed. Then my husband takes the kids out Saturday mornings and I put it all away.

Have anything to add? What does your laundry routine look like?

One of my favorite housewares brands, Full Circle, recently launched their Loads of Fun Laundry Collection. And while all the tools and gadgets in the world don’t necessarily make the task any easier, I’m a firm believer that when you have things that function well, while looking beautiful, it does make it a bit better.

Sharing a few of my favorites from the Laundry Collection and be sure to shop my top 5 must haves from their line of cleaning tools and accessories.

Anti-static Dryer Balls. I’ve used wool dryer balls for a long time as a cleaner alternative to chemical-filled dryer sheets, but these vegan dryer balls are slightly larger so they don’t get stuck in the sleeves of your clothes, they are less noisy than traditional wool dryer balls, and they are anti-static, which is my favorite part. I’ve gotten my fair share of shocks when pulling my daughter’s fuzzy sweaters from the dryer.

Recycled Wash Bags – Why did I wait so long to start using wash bags? Hello no-more-lost-kid-socks! Seriously, these are a game changer. They have snap holes so you can hook them onto your hamper and fill up as you go. Perfect for socks, underwear, delicates. I’ve even used them for bath-toys to get a good clean on them from any build up.

Anti Static and Lint Removing Mitt – If you have pets, this mitt is a must have. It removes pet hair and lint from all the things and tucks away small enough to keep in a drawer or place that’s convenient. I’ve used this on clothing, furniture and even the seats of my car after a trip to the vet. One side removes lint and the reverse is great for removing static from clothing. No more skirts clinging to your stockings — for those who still get dressed up for work.

I have been using Full Circle products for the last four years and I cannot say enough good things about them. They create the most beautiful and functional home goods with sustainability top of mind. Below are my top 5 favorite products that I will be using until the end of time.

  1. Renew Essential Cloths – These are the ONLY microfiber cloths you will ever need. Designed for specific surfaces, the stainless steel and glass cloths are my favorite. I use them endlessly and I am always shocked at how well they work with even just water.
  2. Clean Sweep Broom – This was my first purchase from Full Circle because I liked the way it looked. Nothing better than a tool you need to use daily that blends in with your home!
  3. Dust Whisperer – I said goodbye to single use dusting wands without looking back. This does the job better and is machine washable. Such a money saver in the long run and way better for our environment!
  4. Dish Brush – There is nothing that skeeves me out more than a dish sponge. The smell, the texture — I cannot do it. Full Circle has an array of brushes available, but the Be Good dish brush if my favorite. The flat side on the back of the brush is perfect for scraping hard to clean dishes, I use it a lot for sticky messes on the countertops too!
  5. Supermatural Drying Mat – I don’t like excess clutter on my countertops so this mat is perfect when it’s time to do the dishes. It folds up easily to fit under my sink when I’m done and it perfectly absorbs all the water without making a mess. Bonus, it is also machine washable!

Head over to Instagram and let me know your laundry hacks! I’m giving away a $100 shop credit to Full Circle as well as a bundle of goodies from their new Laundry Collection!

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  1. Pam says:

    So glad to have found you through Instagram! Excited about all the helpful hints about laundry!

    • Lianne Carey says:

      So happy to have you here! I’ll be sure to share more of what everyone has been saying. I learned so much today. 🙂

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