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Hi, I'm Lianne

You ever move in to a new place, unpack just to get rid of the boxes and then find yourself almost four years later with all of your cabinets not quite making sense? I have been on a mission of organizing our home because, truly, a more organized space makes cleaning up and tidying SO much easier. With three small kids, I need a system and one that works.

Our kitchen is by far the room that unravels the quickest so it made sense as the big one to tackle. While we still have some work to do, it has come a long way. Everything from post dinner clean up, to meal prep and packing lunches is so much more convenient now that everything has a place.

Our spices used to be shoved into our tight pantry. I ended up moving some of our serving dishes that are only used for special occasions to clear room and turn it into this:

Everything is in clear view and these mason jars and this spice shelf made a world of difference. I kept some jars in a basket up top of spices we don’t use frequently or overflow to refill the small mason jars. I use large jars for spices we use the most like garlic powder, onion powder, etc.

Larger bulk items like flour and sugar fit perfectly in the glass containers. By using containers to store your items, not only does it make it easier to see what you have or need, but it makes recycling your packaging so much easier because you can do it all at once.

Labeling everything looks nice and makes it easy to find. Full disclosure, this label maker is kind of finicky but I like the way it looks so I stuck with it.

Lastly for packet spices and mixes I added in this organizer that works great. Keeps those packets neatly stacked and viewable.

My most recent update was adding these pull out cabinet organizers from Simplehuman. They come in different sizes that are made to fit in varying cabinets and I cannot say enough about them. They drill in with four small screws to the base of your cabinet and installation took me less than 10 minutes. We didn’t design our kitchen. Had I designed the space myself, I would have definitely added in more drawers but these give you the best of both worlds.

Does your kitchen need some work in the organization department? Come chat with me on Instagram and let me know if you use any of these items to help in your space.

Love where you live,



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