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While I am homebody through and through year round, there is something so special about the arrival of fall that adds the ultimate level of cozy. The best place to kick off all those cozy fall vibes is at your front door. Here’s my three tips for styling your front porch without breaking the bank (and also keeping it sustainable) .

  1. Choose a theme – I like to choose a color palette to work with before I start. Last year I went with white as my primary base and filled in around with seasonal pops of color. This year, I was feeling inspired by the varying peach and orange tones of the pumpkins grown at our local farm. Choosing a color of seasonal mums is a great place to start.
  2. Frame your door – the front door is the focal point of your entry. Use it to frame your space and mark your center point. When it comes to decorating and designing any space, symmetry is always appealing to the eye. Step back as you place items and make sure it looks and feels balanced. Sometimes just moving one item to a different spot can make all the difference!
  3. Use Lights – As it starts getting darker a bit earlier each day the further we get into fall, illumination plays a huge role in the welcoming feel of your entry way. Added lights with lanterns or faux candles is a great way to not only put the spotlight on your decor, but help keep you and your guests safe when entering / leaving.

One of the most frequently asked questions I get is about my tall planters beside the front door. I got them at Target earlier this spring. Be sure to check stores like Homegoods, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Target, etc in the early spring. They tend to take them out of stock in the summer even though something like this is used year round. I linked a similar one here.

I used two old paint cans and left the mums in their growing pots, a little hack that saves time and money. Filled in any gap with dried moss and it looks perfect!

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