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Hi, I'm Lianne

I have been itching to swap the large art I had behind our kitchen table for quite some time and a gallery wall felt like the perfect thing. I love a good collected gallery wall, one whose frames are collected over time with a variety of art and prints — but I found the best way to create a collected look in a one stop shop!

All of these frames and prints came directly to my door in one stop from Frame It Easy. I utilized my favorite source for prints, The National Gallery of Art’s (NGA) public domain, and had them printed and framed all with Frame It Easy.

Creating a gallery wall is a great way to add interest to a space. It’s a way to move the eye around and there really are no rules you have to follow, so it’s nearly impossible to mess up. I have been saving some of my favorite works of art from NGA in a folder and I love how they came together. My one tip for creating a gallery wall that looks collected is to use different size and style frames, but keep a common theme to tie them together. For this wall, I utilized the same color mat for different pieces of art to make it feel cohesive. I mixed the Ashford in Satin Black, Granby in Gold and Derby in Coffee. All of the frames were customized with non-glare acrylic and matted with varying sizes in smooth white. If you’d like to re-create this gallery wall, check below for exact art / frame dimensions.

Art sources from top to bottom:

Row 1:

Row 2: 

Row 3: 

The gallery wall I created is approximately 60″ tall by 54″ wide. I used 11 frames altogether, including one personal frame that is s 5×7. The other sizes are below with frame, mat and art size.

First Row:

  • Watercolor 4″ x 6″ with 5×7 mat and frame
  • House Prints 6″ x 5″ art with 1″ mat
  • Orphan Man 7″ x 10″ art with 1.5″ mat
  • Landscape 11″ x 9″ art with 3″ mat

Second Row:

  • Landscape 9″ x 11″ art with 3″ mat
  • Horses 12″ x 9″ with 3″ mat
  • Flowers 8″ x 12″ with 1.5″ mat

Third Row:

  • Landscape 11″ x 9 ” art with 3″ mat
  • Portrait 7″ x 9″
  • Portrait 7″ x 9″

Next on my list of to-dos is to put together a tutorial for my DIY texture art you see peeking through in the living room. This piece has moved around in so many spaces so I think it’s about time I make another! This year I am all about filling my home with meaningful art, family pictures and personal creations — because all of that truly makes your home unique to you!

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