Combining Function & Beauty: My New Favorite Facebook Marketplace Find

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Do you find yourself scrolling Facebook Marketplace constantly or is that just a me thing? Five years ago we were looking for a secondary refrigerator for the garage and that is when my FBMP addiction began. While thrifting will always have my heart, FBMP can fill that void from the comforts of your bed at 1 am… 😉

I wanted to share a few tips for finding worthwhile items on Marketplace as well as my common search phrases that might help you find some hidden gems in your area. The Marketplace algorithm has now learned my searches so well that I almost find something *I could* use or want daily. Here’s a few tips for finding things on Marketplace:

  1. Save items you see and love, even if it’s not in the exact area you need or price point you’re looking for. The more items you save with similar characteristics, the more the Marketplace algorithm will learn what you’re looking for and push them to your feed.
  2. Key phrases are important – its better to think the way someone trying to sell something would list it rather than what you’re looking for exactly. Think things like: solid wood bookshelf, old furniture, wood dresser
  3. Search terms I use: Wrought Iron, Antique Furniture, Primitive, Estate Sale, Marble, Solid Wood, Raw Wood, Pine Furniture
  4. This one goes without saying, but always use safe pickup practices. Bring a friend with you if possible, meet during the day and keep your phone on you. I’ve done a lot of Marketplace exchanges and have only had one experience that left me feeling a little bit uneasy.

Now for my most recent find…I painted and rearranged the layout of our living room almost a year ago. This room has always been a challenge for me because of the layout. It’s a very long and narrow room with large windows on either side and our built-in bookshelves. I got the furniture placement just about the best way it works but the corner that you see as soon as you walk into our home from the front door was missing something. I wanted height since all the current furnishings are across the same plane of vision, so I was on the hunt initially for a barrister bookcase that I could style and display some decor items.

Shop Shelf Sources

Then I stumbled upon this antique hutch cabinet for $40! Yes, forty dollars. I couldn’t pick it up fast enough. In fact, the day I got it was a snow day for the kids and my husband had the stomach bug. A friend offered to help me grab it and off we went.

The hutch is quirky, looks like it had some attempts at refinishing in a few spots but it is the absolute perfect size for this room. I could refinish it, but I actually love all the scuffs and marks on it that gives it a story. Now for the practical side of things — I wanted to style the top to be a conversational piece for when you walk in the door. It’s one of the first things you see in our home. I also knew that the cabinet and drawer could be so functional for our family.

Our board games have been haphazardly stored in the basement closet for a while, and rarely get used because they aren’t accessible. So I snagged these new organizers for our board games and this label machine and turned this hutch into one of the most beautiful and functional pieces of furniture in our home. It’s setup for unlimited game nights, with room to spare and it makes me so happy to look at whenever I walk in the room.

While on the topic of boardgames and displaying them I wanted to share some of my new favorites. These board games come in a box that looks like a book and make the cutest, functional way to display and store your favorite games.

Shop Bookcase Boardgames

I can’t wait to share my next FBMP find with you. It’s something for Maeve’s bedroom makeover and I am SO excited! Let me know some of your favorite thrifted or marketplace finds over on Instagram, and if you ever have a question don’t hesitate to ask.

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