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Hi, I'm Lianne

This bathroom refresh has been needed for a long, long time. Unfortunately since it functions perfectly fine, a renovation is not in the budget. We all know a bathroom that’s shared by three little kids is bound to take a beating. I attempted a DIY makeover on our builder grade bathroom a few years ago, and while it was an improvement, it didn’t quite make the cut to last.

I originally pulled out the broken drawer from our vanity and added caning, painted the tile floor and gave the room a few coats of white paint. The painted tile started to look dingy and my options were to either paint them again or try something new. Doing any demo is not in the cards right now so I was elated when I found these peel and stick tiles. (Just a note that the website does not suggest to lay them directly over grouted tile like I did, but sometimes I’m a rule bender.)

The application was easy, I laid down the full tiles first and then made the necessary cuts just by scoring with a utility knife and snapping them to size. The trickiest part was around the toilet. I ended up using a scrap piece of butcher paper to trace it out and then trace that onto the tiles. It was a little tedious, and not perfect…but nothing some caulk couldn’t fix at the end.

Budget Breakdown

A grand total of $241 for new materials mixed with some decor items I already had, I would say this is a successful budget makeover.

I wanted to warm up the walls and love a bold color for bathrooms. I landed on Benjamin Moore New England Brown which is the prettiest pinkish brown. I have to say the Aura Bath & Spa line went on like a dream. I love a Matte finish for the walls, but it is usually not recommended to use in bathrooms due to the humidity. The Benjamin Moore Aura Bath & Spa is intended for that purpose and the coverage was perfect. I bought a gallon, fully expecting to need multiple coats and only ended up using about a quart of the color.

For the vanity I used Benjamin Moore Litchfield Gray in the Advance paint line Satin finish. This paint goes on so nicely and dries with a really smooth finish. I filled in the old pull holes with wood filler and added on these beautiful antique brass knobs that were only $3 a piece!

If you have any painting projects in your future, I cannot recommend these paint brushes more. The coverage, cleanup and ease of use is a DREAM. I don’t know what the magic is in Zibra Paint Brushes but I’ve never been able to cut in straight lines with such ease.

Overall I am so happy with this refresh. It only took a few days to finish, and it has restored my inkling to desperately want to renovate for another few years. Let me know what you think over on Instagram!

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