I asked for the best laundry tips and here’s what came in…

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What a better way to gain the best knowledge than to ask you for the best tips and tricks. As much as we all complain about laundry, it seems to be the best conversation starter. Here are some of the tips and tricks (and maybe some mishaps) as told by you:

Top Tips:

  1. Dawn Dish Soap – Anyone else feel like Dawn dish soap is the end-all-be-all of cleaners? It seems like the go-to whenever you need a solution to something, the answer is Dawn! I have to say, I have not used Dawn for laundry but according to you a bit of Dawn soap in your wash will leave your whites brighter, clothes smelling fresher, remove grease stains from clothes and clean your machine!
  2. Mesh Bags – I think we’ve all heard of mesh bags but how many actually use them? My favorite idea is for socks! No more missing socks, and makes matching them so easy.
  3. Empty alllll the pockets! – Ever send a tissue through the wash? I think that’s enough said.

Here’s all of your tips:

If you shove enough laundry into a laundry basket, then flip it over, you can make laundry castles- like sand castles.

Put tennis balls in the dryer with the sheets to keep them from getting all balled up inside the corner of fitted sheet.

Separate clothes into three categories, whites, colors and darks.

Don’t wait until you have enough whites or colors to wash 😂 might be months.

Dryer balls! They’re amazing 😍

Best advice: teach your family how to help and assign jobs. Delegation is the best way to get it done. 😂

Always gotta check the pockets for Kleenex especially during the cold months. Otherwise, good luck with the mess.

I’m a mom of eight!! I love having a laundry day! Seems crazy to wait an entire week to do laundry but it makes my life so much easier. I set up a basket for each kid. Start a load and set the timer for one hour. By the end of the day I have it all done and only have to put each kid’s laundry away once. (The bigger kids put away their own)

I keep a schedule of what laundry I wash for each day of the week I do laundry! Helps me not get so overwhelmed 😂

Using a separated bin thing so that it’s already sorted before you start. And adding white vinegar to remove pet hair

Always check pockets before laundering – way too many tissues and a few coins have done their time in our dryer 🤣

Add a splash of dawn dish soap to your whites they will come out sparkly white every time!

Make sure to check your laundry bag throughly.. my toddler diaper, hard disk have recently ended up in washer😂

Tip: remind your husband to take his phone out of his pocket BEFORE washing his pants

Get it done or it will never be done! Lol!

Do not wait three weeks to do your family’s laundry as it will then take the next three weeks to get caught up 😂

Commit to the laundry or it will sit in dryer several times! Best to just get it done!

Always check pockets

Always check the pockets! 🥴

Always check the pockets

I wish I knew to use dawn dish soap on grease stains so much sooner in life. 😅

If you’re in the market for a new washer, get one that can notify you on your phone when your laundry is done! 😂 No more washing the same load 3 times!

I love to add vinegar to the washer along with a low chemical laundry detergent to help remove odor. I especially do this when I’m washing second hand clothes.

I do a load of laundry each day. Wash, dry, and put away.

I learned to keep a sock basket from a childhood friends mom 😉.. I throw all my socks in a basked without pairing them.. I’ve taken it a step further by making my children pair the socks when I let them watch a show..

My biggest laundry tip is dedicating a day to just doing laundry. I hate it when it drags into days of laundry. Usually once a week since it’s just me and my husband.❤️

Colored garments inside out to reduce fading. Add a teaspoon of salt will do the same trick!!

Always check pockets!

Always check the pockets 😉

Are you a member of a long-limbed family? Don’t dry anything cotton. Hang dry and pop it in the dryer on the air fluff cycle with a dryer sheet. Avoids pilling, and shrinking, but gets rid of wrinkles and makes clothes soft! ❤️

Put socks in a net bag. Washer is always hungry.

Unfortunately, I have dyed loads more times than I can count by forgetting to check pockets for pens, homemade lip balm, etc… 🙄😳😩

I add a ball of foil to the dryer, it helps with static cling. Also, white vinegar is the best cleaner for the actual washing machine and the clothing. Our washing machine repair man said liquid detergent is best, and you only need the size of a 50 cent piece, there’s no need to add more, it doesn’t help, it’s just wasteful.

I absolutely hate laundry or I should say putting away the clothes part of it lol

My husband never learns, don’t overfill the wash machine or you will have water everywhere and costly repairs 😉This is great! Never not rewashing the same load of laundry I forgot about for a few days.

Oxygen bleach, not just to help keep whites bright but I find it really helps release grease and grime!

Empty alllllll your pockets. Even the hidden ones. They just might have a tissue in there 😢

Potty training mommy-just throw away the poopy panties!!! Don’t try and save them! Lol!! Don’t waste the Shout spray hehehe

My biggest laundry tip is to not let a stain sit for later, take care of it asap!

Use separated bin for colors and black/whites so you don’t have to sort them again

Sort when you put in hamper so you don’t have to sort when you do the laundry

Don’t forget to empty out those pockets! Hubby left a receipt in his pocket the day I decided to wash a dark load. 😑

I have a Golden Retriever and Great Dane, whom shed hair. If I have any laundry that has hair on it that my hair remover brush doesn’t take off, I run them through the dryer on air fluff, before washing.

My laundry tip (and also faux-paus) is to fold your laundry right away so it doesn’t sit in the clean pile for weeks and you just get clothes out of the clean pile instead of your dresser. 🙈

Dawn dish soap for extra clean clothes

I try to hang up all the things that may wrinkle as soon as they come out of the wash. Shaking them first and gets a lot of them out too.

Always check the pockets of the clothes and always check and clean the lint trap

Borax! It’s a must try!

I know it’s not original, but the biggest game changer for me is teaching my kids to put their clothes away. They don’t always do it perfectly, but even my 3 year old puts his stuff away and it takes so much stress off me.

I add a ball of foil to the dryer, it helps with static cling. Also, white vinegar is the best cleaner for the actual washing machine and the clothing. Our washing machine repair man said liquid detergent is best, and you only need the size of a 50 cent piece, there’s no need to add more, it doesn’t help, it’s just wasteful.

Put a load of laundry in the washer the night before so it’s quick/easy to start a load in the morning (for me, on my way out the door to school drop off.

Got it drilled into my head by my firefighter uncle to ALWAYS clean out the dryer lint.

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