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Hi, I'm Lianne

Every holiday or birthday celebration, my kids come home with goodie bags filled with junky toys and plastic that inevitably gets thrown away. Now I know those things make them happy in the moment, but I really wanted to create something suitable for both my 4 and 7 year old’s classmates that wouldn’t be so wasteful, and in turn also cost me much less!

I created these printable cards (download below) from some of my watercolor paintings and decided to pass them along to you! Print them double sided and cut out so one side will show the artwork and the backside is a coloring sheet. I printed them on this Kraft Cardstock and love the way the colors turned out.

Then I picked up these silicone heart molds and went to town with our broken crayons to make heart shaped crayons. I will pack everything up in a reusable zip bag and send to school for the perfect fun, low waste and inexpensive classroom valentine.

How to Melt Crayons

  1. Peel off wrappers – I found the easiest way to do this is to cut the wrapper with an X-acto knife. Otherwise, it takes way longer
  2. Break the crayons into small pieces and place in mold
  3. Heat oven to 250 degrees
  4. Put mold onto a baking sheet for stability and bake at 250 for about 10-15 minutes. Check on them periodically because if you bake too long, the crayons may get a clear film on the top.
  5. Allow to cool for 20-30 minutes until solid. De-mold and enjoy!

I used this set of molds for the heart crayons and thought the size was perfect. Plus, I could make 18 at once, which is a total win when making them for two classes.

I filled each heart with approximately 5 crayons, if that helps you to figure out how much supplies you will need.

This is such an easy DIY that the kids can help with too. Happy Valentine’s Day! Let me know if you try these out for your kids.

If you print out my Valentine cards, please share on Instagram and tag me. I’d love to see!

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