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Color drenching in interior design is the idea of using the same color or close colors throughout an entire space. From molding, to walls, ceilings and sometimes even furnishings. It’s a great way to add drama to a space, and also can help to make a small room feel larger.

If you don’t want to commit to painting the ceiling to match the walls, just matching the trim can add the same effect. By taking away those sight lines of contrasting trim, you don’t break up the view. In turn, the effect is longer sight lines and an illusion of taller ceilings and larger rooms.

I have been applying this technique to a few spaces in our home and I have to say, once you start, it begins to look odd to have it any other way.

I’m working on the last 5% of projects in the house over the next few weeks and the kid’s room is first on that list. I actually can’t believe I waited so long to paint the trim and doors to match the walls. I love how the Emtek hardware pops against the beautiful blue (Benjamin Moore Mount Saint Anne) and this room is just feeling more and more put together.

When color drenching in a room, you can choose to keep the decor in the same palette or use accenting colors. Natural elements add so much depth and texture into a room that’s saturated with one color. For bedrooms, I love to incorporate lots of baskets and linens for texture, as well as plants. Always plants!

The next steps in here are to revamp the bedding, organize the shared closet and finish styling and adding some art to the walls. I can’t wait to mark this project complete and move on to the next 5%.

What do you think of color drenching? Is this something you would try in your home?

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